Negotiations with Employers


Our employers through their representatives at UCEA have made a "final offer" on our 2020-2021 pay and conditions claim. We recommend that you vote to REJECT this offer, because:


- the 0% pay adjustment is yet another real-terms pay cut;


- there is no commitment to ending the sector's reliance on zero-hours contracts and reducing other types of precarious contracts;


- there is no commitment to controlling and reducing excessive workloads;


- it does not offer any meaningful actions on gender, ethnic and disability pay gaps; nor does it recognise the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on carers, LGBTQ+ members, disabled members, and our Black, Asian, and ethnic minority members.

This offer does not recognise our efforts during the pandemic and the work we have done to keep higher education functioning. The employers' offer is unacceptable, and only the possibility of industrial action will bring employers to their senses. 


Below is an outline of what actions will be taken based on the outcome of the member consultation:


Reject: A reject vote means that UCU will remain in dispute over the 2020-2021 offer. HEC will meet on 26 February to consider the next steps, informed by motions passed at the Sector

Conferences in September 2020 and December 2020, including Motion 15. Next steps may include an escalating industrial action campaign, beginning with ASOS and eventually culminating in strike action.  


Accept: An accept vote means that UCU will no longer be in dispute over the 2020-2021 offer.


This would mean implementation of a 0% pay adjustment, no commitment to concrete actions on equalities, workload, and casualisation, and no recognition of our extraordinary work during the pandemic.


Please click here to vote. Voting will be open from today until 12:00pm (noon) on Tuesday 23 February. The UCU Higher education national negotiators urge you to vote to reject the offer.