Strike Bulletins

Strike Bulletin 1

18th February, 2020


Thanks so much to all of you for your support and patience - and for voting!!  We know how difficult it is to strike, but we need to remember why we are in this position (see 7 below) and stick together.


The committee are working hard behind the scenes to coordinate everything ready for Thursday, but there is a lot to do...  


  1. Picketing:  There is a doodle poll to sign up to here:   Once we have 6 official pickets, others are very welcome as visitors.  Please bring warm clothes and snacks - come for as long as you can.  Consider getting a bus or cycling if possible, as parking can be tricky.  We aim to picket between 8 and 12, at the entrances to the three sites: Newton Park, Locksbrook and Corsham Court (see the doodle poll for more details).  If you are limited in when you can come, we want as many people as possible at least to be there for the first two days.  For advice on rules around picketing see here:

  2. Strike Fund:  There is a national strike fund for everyone who strikes (and you are all welcome to claim) - see more about this in the link here:     We do not currently have a local hardship/solidarity fund, which we'd have to raise from local donations, but watch this space.

  3. Who to tell: There is no obligation to tell managers or students that you are going to be striking; you need to tell the university afterwards that you have been on strike.  For more guidance see here:  

  4. Contacts:  Kate and Beth's UCU email is this:   Once the strike commences this will be a good address to use if you need to contact them, or you can use the WhatsApp group to contact us (see below).  

  5. WhatsApp: We have a WhatsApp strike group which it would be good for you to join if you have not already done so.  Here is the link:

  6. Bath Spa UCU website link is here:  We will also be using this to share information and these strike bulletins will be posted there as well.

  7. Reasons for strike:  If you would like a reminder of why we are striking, do have a look here:   

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