Strike Bulletin 4 - 27/2/20

Informing students - Strike action is meant to be disruptive; it needs to show that without us the university cannot function, but we really don't want to make students have wasted journeys or child care.  For this reason we are advising you to let students (and only students) know in advance if you are striking, with enough time not to make a wasted journey.  One way to do this is to use the "Scheduled send" feature of Gmail to inform your students early on the strike days, such that students know to check their email first thing, to see if their lecturer is on strike that day. 


Rally - It was fantastic to be with so many others at the rally in Bristol on Wednesday, with some excellent speeches and a good turnout from Bath Spa and the whole region - there are photos on the main UCU website as well as several shared on WhatsApp, Twitter etc


Picketing - Thanks to everyone who made it to the picket line last week in all kinds of weather. Next week, we will picket at Newton Park on Monday and Thursday, and Locksbrook on Tues and Weds, 8am - 12pm, but we'll probably stop at 10am if it rains, as people were getting very cold last week.  Even if you haven't been able to come yet, do come along - it's a great thing to do, you meet people from across the university and we've had students from Bath Spa and Bristol, visits from Bath Uni and the UCU region and even members of the public come and join us - it's a lovely atmosphere even in the rain!


Progress - the word from UCU negotiators is that the employers have come back to talk; what we are asking is not unreasonable, and what we hope to achieve will help our colleagues across the whole university, our students and the students and staff of the future - so keep strong and come along!


Communication - If you have been missing bulletins, that may be because we are not using work emails on strike days. If you wish to receive emails on strike days just let us know a non-work email you'd like us to use; there is also a WhatsApp group you can join using your mobile phone number.

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