Strike Bulletin 2

19 February, 2020

1. Teach-outs:  Bath Spa UCU will be collaborating with University of Bath UCU to run a series of teach-outs, enabling students to enjoy just as high-quality education as usual. These events will be held at The Bell Inn, Bath, but we will hold our own ‘launch’ for these teach-outs at The Globe on the first strike day, Thursday 20th, at 1-3pm.  Do come along and invite others.  Richard Stamp has been instrumental in setting these up and has a shared document where you can  sign up if you would like to run one of these sessions - here is the link:

2. Picketing:  Corsham Court will be picketing there on the first Thursday morning from 8am – 12pm; after that first day they will be joining the pickets at Locksbrook and Newton Park.

3. Messages of support:  We have had some lovely messages of support from other groups and organisations, so please do not feel that we are alone!  For example, this from some Parisian colleagues:


We are writing to you from the group Lect_s en Lutte to express our solidarity with your ongoing mobilisation for fair pay, decent working conditions and a fair and representative pensions programme Good luck with the strike! 


Lect_s en Lutte is a group of casualised teaching staff from universities across Paris that has come together to organise our approach to the ongoing social movement in France. Since December 5 2019, those of us who have been able to strike have been doing so while those of us who are more precarious have chosen to teach about the social movement during class time. Workers from all industries are facing an immense threat from the French government’s proposed pension reform that would leave everyone worse off – particularly women, minorities and teaching staff. Universities are facing a specific threat from the proposed LPPR law which would greatly increase the precarity of an academic career and raises concerns about freedom of research. 


We believe that we are in a common struggle with you against the neoliberalisation of universities and against the increasing precarity of university teaching staff. Therefore, we commit to raising awareness of the UCU movement across British universities on the picket and as part of our teach ins. Please let us know if we can help you any further in your struggle.


Solidarity from Paris!


Lect_s en Lutte

4. Communication: In order to be able to email you and avoid using BSU work email on strike days, here is a spreadsheet on which you can provide an alternative email address.

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