All education institutions have a legal responsibility for the health, welfare and safety of their staff.


This requires pre-emptive action, such as carrying out risk assessments, the training of first-aiders and publishing accident procedures.


When accidents happen, it may not always be easy to assess what steps you should take. We would normally advise that all accidents are reported, even where they may seem minor.


One of BSU's responsibilities is to take preventative steps to guard against any long-term negative health implications of your job. This includes paying for regular eye tests for visual display unit users, ensuring workstations do not present posture or related health risks, and taking appropriate action when health & safety concerns are raised.


BSU's responsibilities also extend beyond your physical environment. They should also ensure that workloads and working hours are such that you do not become at risk of stress or stress-related illness.


With increasing workloads, stress-related illness is becoming increasingly common.


Signs of stress - and this is by no means an exhaustive list - include: physical symptoms, such as headaches or rashes; emotional changes, such as over-reaction or sleep problems; and behavioural changes, such as substance abuse or high blood pressure.


If left unresolved, prolonged stress can be potentially life-threatening. If you feel you are at risk, please see your GP, and approach your BSU@UCU who will be able to support you if necessary in subsequent approaches to management.


If you fall ill during a holiday period, provided you inform HR, you can take that holiday lost to sickness when you have recovered.

Please use this link to access Bath Spa University’s policy on workplace stress:


The form that you and your line manager should use to formally register your concerns about stress is located here: