No-Detriment Policy for the Semester 2, Trimester 2 and 3 Assessment Period

(as outlined by BSU Vice Chancellor  31/3/20

Alternative Assessments


  • All examination periods have been cancelled and replaced by alternative assessments (these will be outlined clearly on individual Minerva module pages). 


  • Alternative assessments have been arranged for any assessment that requires an in-person or practical element to ensure you still meet the intended learning outcomes from your course (these will be outlined clearly on individual Minerva module pages).


Reassessment Opportunities 


  • If you do not feel 'fit' to submit your work at this current time, another opportunity will be provided to you during the Summer resit period to submit the work without penalty and without any requirement to put in a claim for Mitigating Circumstances.


  • If you attempt a piece of assessment, but then achieve less than 40% (50% for postgraduate modules), you will be able to undertake the work again in the resit period, but this will be treated as a deferral (rather than a referral) and therefore the mark will not be capped.


Progression and Award Safety Net 


  • If you have completed and passed at least half of your current level of study then as long as you complete and pass the remaining credits for the year, we will ensure that your average for the year is the same as, or higher than the average you have attained up to Friday 27th March 2020. To clarify, as long as you pass the year, completing the assessments can only improve, not reduce your marks. This change to our policy will be outlined on transcripts. This policy may be subject to parameters of professional and statutory accredited courses and PGCE/ PGDE requirements.


  • If you have not completed and passed at least half of your current level of study we will not be able to generate a grade average for you. However, if you pass an assessment, but believe that the mark does not reflect your grade profile due to the  impact of the current situation, you can choose to undertake the work again in the resit period. Whichever mark is higher will be retained.    

Considerations for Progression 


  • If you choose not to resubmit in August you can ask to take the modules again in full the next year. You should contact to check how any deferrals to the next academic year may impact your progression. Currently you can only progress onto the next level of your course with 40 credits in deficit (these are from failed or referred/deferred modules).


  • If you feel you are unable to continue with your studies at this current point you can request to intercalate (take a break) from your studies until the next academic year (2020/21).  You can either return in the academic year 2020/21 to restart your current level from the start of the academic year or part way through. . Students who have previously repeated a year of study or are nearing the end of their registration period are advised to contact to discuss their student record with a member of Student and Registry Services.  

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