UCU@BSU Membership


Why join UCU? Almost 120,000 of your colleagues have chosen to belong to UCU - the largest union and most effective voice for people like you working in post-school education.

Advantages of Membership:


As members of UCU you are entitled to offset a proportion of subscriptions paid against tax paid. To claim, you can complete a form that UCU has made available here

When UCU members have a problem at work, they don't face it alone. They seek the union's expert advice for free.

When UCU members are involved in a disciplinary or grievance hearing, they don't face it alone. Our case workers sit alongside and represent them.

When UCU members require legal help they don't wrack up hundreds of pounds in solicitors' fees. Our legal advocacy team provide the best lawyers and get the best results with no charge for UCU members.


When UCU members want a pay rise they don't stand alone. Our negotiators use the collective power of 110,000 members to make the case for everyone.

When UCU members want to get more out of their job they use our career enhancing Continuing Professional Development programme.  While non-members pay £200 a course, UCU members get them free.