BSU/UCU AGM - Weds 10 June, 3-5pm

Our Annual General Meeting takes place next Wednesday 10th June from 3 to 5pm.


We will be using Blackboard Collaborate for the meeting and the link to this will be sent to you via a google calendar invitation on Monday. Please respond to this google calendar invitation so that we get an indication of numbers wanting to join us.


This is a crucial meeting and we are counting on all members to attend as we will be electing the UCU@BSU Branch Committee, reporting back on a number of issues and seeking your views on various matters.


We are seeking nominations for all Branch Committee roles as well as seeking volunteers to become School Representatives and Caseworkers.


If you are interested in nominating yourself, please fill in this Google form.


Please note that the Branch Committee can only do so much when they are so few.


The more members that are able to take on roles, the more we can spread the work so that everyone can focus on those things that are of most interest to them.


We will be much more effective and achieve far more the more that members contribute their knowledge and expertise to the work that needs to be done.


As a reminder, the facilities agreement UCU has with BSU requires that:


The University will make every effort to enable all staff to attend Branch Meetings, particularly the Annual General Meeting. Reasonable time off with pay during working hours will be allowed for attendance at Branch Meetings and meetings with Branch officials.


  • In order to make this possible, services may be closed for up to 1 and 1/2 hours on a maximum of two occasions annually. For some essential services (essential services to be defined by Management) a skeleton staff will be maintained, in agreement with the line manager.

  • To enable teaching staff to get to two meetings a year, teaching may be re-scheduled or, where there is no alternative, cancelled, in agreement with the line manager.

  • The timing of such closures or cancellations to be approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor responsible for Employee Relations. To facilitate consideration of closures or cancellations, the Trade Unions will give at least six months notice of such meetings wherever practicable.


As the Branch has given 6 months’ notice of the AGM to the University, you should now inform your line manager of your wish to attend the AGM and they should be making arrangements so that you can attend. Please let us know if this is not the case.

We look forward to meeting with you next Wednesday.


Roger Clarke

Chair, UCU@BSU Branch


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